How to attract more readers to your books

Hey everyone, it's Phoenix here and today the topic is how to attract more readers to your books. This post is targeted to authors, but if you're an aspiring author then no worries, you can still read this post and hopefully learn something. So let's start! A writer gets excited about their book, publishes it, … Continue reading How to attract more readers to your books

Who is the Writer of the month?

Hola, writers!! Wondering who is our Writer of the Month?? Well then, go ahead, keep reading... *drum roll please!” Before reading ahead, please note that you're all amazing writers and your writing is all that matters! Ta da!! The winner is.....hold your breath.....Thobile!!!! Don't forget to check out her blog here. She is an amazing … Continue reading Who is the Writer of the month?

Monday Motivation #1

Greetings everyone! Welcome to Monday Motivation #1. Here, we will be presenting you with one quote each week. We hope it helps and inspires you! Don't be afraid to do something different. Just be yourself. You never know what wonders it can do! The same applies to writing too! Explore. Discover. Create.


Hey Guys, I'm your weekly dozer and friend, Divyang from D_VYANG_TALKS. I'm really glad to see you all here, and so happy to join the club. If you don’t know me then it’s okay and if you know me then it’s okay too. For those who don't know me, I am a blogger on WordPress, … Continue reading Journey!!